Make it Happen – Popeye

Amazing new release named: Make It Happen – Popeye . The artwork had been added by hand in gold pressed black aluminium $notes on a aluminium frame. Later van Apple added the hologram Daffy Duck and the cutted out text by and covered in 3/4 layers of epoxy. By adding these layers the colors get a stunning effect and even sides of the glitter box is amazing.

The art of Van Apple is a combination of digital technics such as photography and famous characteristics. He uses gold foil, Swarovski stones and adds colours and different handcrafted items such as butterflies, which are covered with several layers of epoxy. By adding these layers he is able to create innovative and unique mix-media art with a fantastic 3D effect.

Edition: Unique
Year: 2024
Materials: Alu / Notes / Epoxy
Size: 95x105 cm

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Make it Happen – Popeye

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Make it Happen - Popeye

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